About my HTPC

Some people, after have read my last post, have asked what kind of HTPC, etc I use. So, here is a quick overview:


  • Chassis: Fanless HFX Mini Chassis with 130W external power supply.
    Fairly expensive though. I think I payed around 400€ for just the case without electronics (PSU, DVD-drive, etc). It’s quite heavy too. But it’s good…. because it’s heavy :)
  • ASUS P5B MB, Intel Core2Duo and nVidia 8000 series GPU with HDMI output.
    Fairly standard. Not much to say about it.
  • M-Audio externa USB 5.1 audio device.
    I had a lot of problems with noise from the internal audio card so I was more or less forced to use an external one
  • Sonic Impact T-Amp external amplifiers for Front and Back speakers.
    These are pretty crappy actually. I’ve run into some problems with corrosion on the volume dials so they tend to produce bad sound from time to time. Stay away from those. You never get more than you pay for.
  • USB power manager USB controlled power list.
    I use this one to turn on/off the amplifiers and the subwoofer when the HTPC enter/leaves standby mode.
  • Logitech S 510 Cordless Keyboard/Mouse + Remote
    I really like this one. I’ve tried a two other remotes, Logitech diNovo Mini and SoundGraph iMon Pad, but I still think the S 510 remote is best for one simple reason: Fewer buttons.


  • Ubuntu 9.04 installed on a 4 GB USB pendrive with Reiser FS.
    Don’t want a noisy hard drive and SSD drives are still a bit too expensive to be justified. All media is kept on a server that’s located elsewhere.
  • Showtime spawned via an auto-logged-in user.


Heat pipe and cable salad is served…

This is where I live. Upstairs from me lives a nice Mac.

And Showtime running on the TV

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